End of an Era…


Yeah, That’s my daily ride. It’s a 1995 Geo Tracker, but we call it the Barbie Urban Assault Vehicle (BUAV). I know it’s easy to make fun of it, but I’m very proud to own this car. We’ve been with each other through thick and thin and we’ll continue to be together for a long time to come. This car has become such a part of me that I’ve been told that we make each other look better. I plan to never sell it no matter how much you offer me, so don’t even try. I know you want it Jared, but it will never be yours! I do not consider the ladies swimsuit you tied to the wiper the other night to be a fair trade. It doesn’t matter how hard I laughed when it inflated itself on the highway and proceeded to rip the wiper arm apart. BTW – That swimsuit is now under lock and key and will one day make another appearance. Count on it!

But enough about how much everyone else wants my car. I want to talk about why I love it so much. Here is a list of some of the reasons this car is soooo stinkin’ special to me…

1) The Geo is a very powerful and mysterious thing. It’s power is only exceeded by it’s mystery! (What movie?)

2) It’s a convertible! I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t matter what a car looks like if it has a top to drop. Riding down the road on a Spring or Fall day with the top down instantly adds loads to any car’s value. I don’t care what BlueBook says.

3) It’s a very capable 4×4! I can go anywhere most of the big kids can go and many places they can’t. ATV trails are not outside of the realm of possibility for this thing.

4) I can fix almost anything on it! I can keep all of the tools needed in a storage container in the back that I bolted to the frame. (More on this feature in a later post.)

5) It’s small size makes it just right for playing in ATL. I can put it in any parking spot and quickly dodge almost anything that comes at me. If I get hit in it, that may be another story that I hope to never have to tell.

6 ) It gets GREAT gas mileage! With only 70-80 horsepower (it gets an extra 10hp from the paint job alone), it makes the 90 mile commute to and from work affordable.

7) These things are built like mini-tanks. Many of the components on the chassis were actually made for much larger vehicles, so it is extremely difficult to break it. Believe me when I say I try to break it, A LOT!

8 ) Even with repairs, it still costs less to maintain than most people pay in car payments and insurance. Why? Because this exact same vehicle was sold under several different names for over 12 years. (Suzuki, Pontiac, Geo, and later Chevy after they stopped making Geo) Parts are abundant and fairly cheap, you just have to know where to get them and it took me a while to find that out.

9) Other owners of this vehicle are super nice. It’s almost like we have a little secret society. *snicker*

10) People come up to me all of the time and ask me what it is and tell me they like it. That makes me feel good and I like to feel good.

I could go on forever about why I love this car, but I won’t. Feel free to add more reasons for the awesomeness that is the Geo by making comments. Please be positive though since anyone can make fun of it, but it takes a real man to appreciate it for what it really is.

“But Jerry, Why did you say an era is about to come to an end?”

I’m glad you asked! The BUAV is about to go through a complete metamorphosis into a real man’s kind of car. I just dropped it off at the shop and the next time you see it, it will be a solid white car! But don’t worry, I will keep the extra horsepower from the paint since I’m doing it on the cheap and just having it sanded and painted over. I may be crazy about it, but I’m not crazy enough to spend much on it. It would ruin the mood if I did anything expensive to it.

So stay tuned for more changes…


~ by jtcrespo on November 27, 2007.

One Response to “End of an Era…”

  1. That’s awesome, I was forced to trade in my Asuna Sunrunner (what they called them here in Canada in 1993) when I married an artist who likes to paint on things slightly larger than the truck. Amazingly, they had it sold before I even finished the paperwork on the new car-talk about lasting popularity! I only hope the next owner has as much fun with it as I did!

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