Weekend Off…


Knowing that I have a busy week ahead of me and that I wasn’t feeling very well, I decided to stay at home this weekend and do as little as I could get away with. My brain is officially fried now that I have watched 3 movies (I looooove Netflix by the way), 6 episodes of one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood (Voltron Rocks!), 2 Christmas Specials and read half of a book. Sorry I don’t have anything at all to post really. I’m that boring right now.

The only thing interesting I have going on right now is well… um… well… nothing I guess.

Hey now, I did blow the leaves, clean out my car, do laundry, straighten up around the house and do a little Christmas shopping, so I guess I’m not a total loser.


~ by jtcrespo on December 9, 2007.

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