Don’t they understand?

I came in to work at 6:00am and found that there was a malicious plot astir:


Our coffee cup sizes switched from a generous 16oz. to an average 12oz. overnight. I guess it’s time to bring in the Bottomless Mug O’ Infinite Wonder and start saving us some money in the cup dept. I just hate that it took something as drastic as this to show me that I can do more for the environment by bringing my own mug in. What a painful way to learn a valuable lesson. I have to drink coffee from a 12oz. cup all day for crying out loud! I’ll never get far enough away from the coffee pot to get any work done. Now I have to recalculate my whole sweetener/creamer formula too.

12oz. cups pffffffttttt!


~ by jtcrespo on December 10, 2007.

One Response to “Don’t they understand?”

  1. that’s terribly disturbing. but, yes….we should all be using our own mugs. go green, jerry. go green.

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