It finally happened…

Imagine yourself on a road in the middle of the night with no other vehicle but you. You are cruising along with the top down and listening to selections from your greatest hits playlist on the iPod through your stereo. You’ve been at a football game and had a great time with fellow co-workers. You’re tired from a full day and not much sleep, but you’re still alert with the excitement left over from the fun you just had.

Suddenly a flash of tan crosses your path and you see it just in time for your eyes to meet with his and to brace yourself for whatever comes next. There is no time to change the direction of the car or even hit the brakes. It’s just you and a small deer sharing one brief nanosecond that you feel isn’t going to end well for him. There is no time for anything but to just ride it out and hope for the best. You see his shape slip under your field of view as you simultaneously hear the sound of crunching plastic and the smack of flesh hitting metal. Briefly your car raises off of the ground and settles again just as quickly. You are afraid of what may come next, but instinct tells you to look back in the rear view mirror. As you look back, you see the tan shape stand up again and stumble off. You’re still not sure what damage was done to him or your vehicle, but you’ve just seen him walk away to hopefully live another day. That one worry is now somewhat relieved.

Now your mind goes to what damage has been inflicted on your new paint that is less than a month old. The only parking lot with lights is several miles down the road and you know it’s the only safe place to stop and survey any damage. Those few miles take longer to travel than they ever did before as you envision parts of your bumper broken and barely hanging on after the impact they just took. You finally reach a safe place and stop the car while preparing yourself to see the front half of the automobile in shambles. You are asking yourself whether you’ll need to call the police for a report so you can speak with your insurance company tomorrow. As you slowly walk around to the front, you say a word of thanks for just allowing you to survive hitting a wild animal while traveling at 60 miles per hour. Your head inches around the front bumper and takes it in a little at a time as you crane your neck to take in as much of it as possible. Miraculously, you see no visible damage other than one piece of plastic a little askew that can easily be popped back in place. All of the paint is still there as well. The only evidence of the life threatening event that just happened are two small tufts of coarse hair hanging from the lower parts of the suspension system.

Your mind quickly goes back to the incident and puts the impact together in a new way now that you have seen the lack of proof of what you knew to be a costly encounter. The only explanation is that as your path closed in on the deer, he must have tripped and collapsed under the car as it forced it’s way over him. The speed was great enough that he was clear of the vehicle again by the time he tried to get up.

You now realize just how close both of you just came to something that could have been really bad for both of you and you climb back in your car to say a Prayer of thanks. You get back on the road with a new appreciation for just how fast anything can happen when you are out there on your own.

For some reason, I’ve been expecting to hit a deer for the past two weeks and it finally happened tonight. I am very thankful for the way it happened this time and hopeful that it won’t happen again in the near future. The roads around here are littered with the carcasses of animals that have been hit recently. The strange weather has caused a stirring at night and I encourage everyone to be very mindful of our furry little friends as you drive around anytime between dusk and dawn. Please be careful out there!


~ by jtcrespo on December 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “It finally happened…”

  1. I am glad that both of you are ok!!!

  2. That is so crazy!!! I hope i never hit one.. if i do, my car is over…

  3. yikes!!!! i’m glad no one or no deer was hurt in the making of “the ride home from the football game”!

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