I survived…

I went to Northpoint Mall today. It was funny that the only stores that were crowded were the Apple Store and Starbuck’s.

I did get to meet a very interesting Salvation Army Bell Ringer. From my parking space, I could hear what sounded like someone moaning and about to die. As I got closer, I found that he was actually singing. Not very well, but hey, that guy had more Christmas Spirit than I did at the time. It really gave me a boost of Christmas!

The funniest part of my trip to the mall was that I wasn’t even looking for anything. I just wanted to get out for a while and be around people I didn’t know. I really hope I’m not the only one who does that occasionally. The sad part is that it was one of those rare moments that I would have spoken to anyone I came in contact with and everyone was so focused on what they were doing that I didn’t really get a chance to meet anyone new. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

Later, I had to run by Wal-Mart for some grooming supplies while it was pouring down rain and someone almost ran over me in the parking lot. That was exciting!

I actually had a fun day though. I really do enjoy just walking around and seeing everyone this time of year. People really are funny when you take them out of their normal routines. The only thing that would have made it more fun is if I had some people with me.

So who’s up for a trip to the mall to spread Christmas Cheer?


~ by jtcrespo on December 15, 2007.

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