You tell me (Plunkton)…


I want your input, so I’m going to say a word. The word may or may not be real. I want you to give me the definition of the word and use it in a sentence. Keep in mind that you may have to make up a definition for the word. I’ll try to get more creative with this as we go along. If you have ideas on how to make it more creative, I’d love to hear them. So, Here we go…

Today’s word is : Plunkton


~ by jtcrespo on December 23, 2007.

5 Responses to “You tell me (Plunkton)…”

  1. Here’s an example:

    plunkton – the microscopic organisms and dust that is forced into the air when you “plunk” something down. (Like plankton in the ocean)

    “I dropped my briefcase in the BC parking deck and the plunkton got all over my car.”

  2. what happens when you pass a kidney stone as it “plunks” into the toilet. ‘nuf said.

  3. “ouch” I’m praying that is not the case right now. I’m actually starting to feel better, but it comes and goes.

  4. plunkton is how you feel when you come home from a hard day’s work.

    “it was a hard day at work. I just want to find a place to plunkton”


    a slow moving motorboat.

    My plunkton broke down when I tried to tow too much stuff back to shore.

  5. Plunkton is the hardened crusty piece of lotion or soap that forms in the spout of the lotion/soap dispenser if it’s been sitting there a while.

    “I went to wash my hands, and when I pushed on the soap dispenser, a nasty piece of plunkton plopped onto my hand.”

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