Ideas and such…

This evening I met with my Utha Brutha.


(Sorry dude, it was the only photo of you I could find.)

His name is Matthew Stevens and he works with High Tech Ministries. I hear he’s a pretty big deal there, but I don’t want to inflate his ego too much. If you are in the technology industry in Atlanta, you should check out their Grace @ Work program and their Prayer Breakfast. (Click here for video) I hear some pretty big players are working with them and I got very excited listening to everything he told me was going on.

We met through Singles Ministry a while back and he’s since passed me on the Highway of Life and married an incredible woman and they have a baby on the way. Matt is the only person I know who truly appreciates the awesomeness of the Geo and I once heard that he was scouring for one a while back. Matt is also a forward thinker like I try to be, but he has a better ability to turn his dreams into reality than I do. I feel pretty lucky any time our paths have the opportunity to cross and we get to sit at that intersection and chat for a while.

Tonight we sat over coffee and mulled things over for quite a while. I shared some of my ideas and he shared some of his. I always enjoy our time together because I think both of us walk away a little enlightened by the conversation. We each get a fresh perspective and a renewed energy knowing that someone else has bought into something we are passionate about. I can’t go into detail about what we spoke about since most of it is Top Secret, but let’s just say that we’ve both hatched plans that should turn the world upside down if we’re able to follow through with them.

Matt- Thanks for your time, I can’t wait till we get together again next month. Maybe we should meet at your place so I can see the baby after it’s born.


~ by jtcrespo on December 27, 2007.

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