Lost on Memory Lane…


Last night I drove a friend to pick up his car at the shop. After dropping him off, I decided to just plug my home address in my GPS and follow it home instead of going the way I would normally go. So there I was driving home and thinking about whatever one thinks about when driving the coolest Geo Tracker on the planet. It turns out I had missed a turn and my GPS was recalculating the directions for me, so I decided to play a game with it and I started taking random turns all over the place. Later I was sitting at a stoplight laughing at what I was doing and I looked across the street and saw something I never expected to see again.

I was sitting across from a park where I had one of the most memorable evenings of my life. I pulled in and parked the Geo to reflect for a while. This park sits right next to a set of train tracks that back in the day was used pretty frequently. There is a playground, a gazebo, and picnic tables all sitting right where anyone traveling by train would see a scene that could have easily been painted by Norman Rockwell back in the day. The sun had just gone down and the Christmas lights were turned on and it looked just like I remembered it so long ago. Why is this park so special to me? I once spent an evening with one of the most amazing women I have ever dated. Things didn’t work out for us, but I will always remember that one night. We sat in the gazebo and talked with each other most of the evening. I remember feeling like the entire world had stopped just to watch us and listen to everything we had to say to each other. Thinking back, we never really said anything important, but there was a connection that you don’t come by often. We even put pennies on the tracks and let trains run over them, but we were never able to find any of the squished pennies. Oh well.

This began a chain of memories that led me to travel to a few of the other places that I remembered from when I was enjoying the freedom of being a young adult. These were the locations that my friends and I would find and show to each other after leaving the neighborhoods we grew up in and we were exploring the newfound world while driving our own cars. These are the places where we were free from distractions and we could just get lost in moments while the rest of the world flew by. There was no internet and very few of us had cell phones so we were untouchable. There was a mood connected with these places. We formed bonds that surpassed acquaintances and became true friendship. The people I shared these moments with are still the people I can call at any time and discuss anything that is on my mind. These are the people I celebrated with and cried with. This was where I learned authenticity, transparency and just being real. I drove to a spot on the Chattahoochee River where several of us would often just sit and talk all night. I drove by some of the schools I attended. I saw some of the local hot spots and watering holes where we would all meet up before heading out for our evenings of fun. I even drove by the house I was raised in from birth until I graduated from high school.

During all of my reflecting, I thought about something. I can still do those things, but it is much more difficult to find those moments. We’re all so busy with everything in our lives that sometimes we don’t take enough time to just sit back and really get to know each other. I am the type of person that I often schedule something with people and I mean to leave the rest of the evening free for moments like that, yet I rarely make it happen. So often I find that there is a sort of rush through these meetings and then we all head home because there is something else that needs to be done next. It’s like the internal GPS is always telling us we need to be on a certain course. I rarely turn it off and just get lost in moments these days.

Sometimes I just need to get lost…

When was the last time you got yourself lost in a moment?


~ by jtcrespo on December 27, 2007.

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