And I helped!! Pt. 1

This week may be a holiday for most, but around BC it’s also a set change week. Knowing that it would be a short work week, Jared decided on a pretty simple set. What I photographed only took the two of us a few hours to put together. There are still some more panels to hang and lights to set up, so we’re not finished yet. The set is made from 7 rectangular silk panels and 7 pieces of spandex with sides shaped to concave into the middle. Here’s what we did today (Click on photos to enlarge):

Jared is good about starting with a very clean stage area since we will be laying white silk on it later.


Next we hung the silk panels using aircraft cable.


Then we got up above stage and hung LED Pars to later get colored lighting on the panels. I learned a lot about wiring lighting today.


Then we lit up the LED’s and focused them where we wanted them on the rectangular panels.


Then I usually get all excited about playing with the lighting console and I play with colors and stuff.


We temporarily hung a spandex panel to set the height we wanted them all and then we took it back down again. You’ll want to hang it a few feet in front of the silk panel at the top to get a perspective shift from the ground.


We attached rope to tie the bottoms of the rectangular panels down and we hooked the bottom of the spandex to the bottom of the rectangular panel. Then we pulled the spandex up tight at the top.


And here’s the full size.


There will be 7 panels like this in all and they will all light individually. Even the front panels will light separately from the back panels by using lights underneath. I will get more photos as the design is completed. As it stands now, there are only a few more hours of work needed to complete it. It’s a pretty easy set to do if you have the materials and I imagine it would be pretty cheap to put together if you get even more creative with materials. We borrowed our panels from Northpoint, so this set was pretty much free for us. All of our campuses are good about saving as much as they can from our old sets to use again and share with each other later.

Good Job Jared! I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.


~ by jtcrespo on December 31, 2007.

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