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I’ve been blogging now for a few months, but over the past few days I took some time to think about blogging and how I really feel about it. Following are just a few of the thoughts I have on being a blogger.

I’ve been a part of several online forums/message boards for a while now and I love the way that people are able to carry on conversations with each other while others can see it and join in. It’s fun to watch as threads become full of life as more people post and get involved. Blogging is more of a one way street where the poster gives their thoughts and many people may read it, but they usually don’t comment. It’s like being on the mirrored side of a two-way mirror. Everyone can see me, but I can’t see them. In that respect, blogging does teach me about self confidence since I have no idea that anyone is really there unless I get comments. So I continue having my little tea party as if you guys are in here with me. I guess having a blog is the new imaginary friend or pet rock.

Blogging also boosts my creativity and motivates me to try new things. I haven’t met anyone that blogs that isn’t always looking for new angles on things around them and judging whether something is blog-worthy or not. As a blogger, I find myself thinking of more fun things I can do out in the world that other people will be interested in. This gets me away from the work/home – home/work routine and out with other people even more than before. I appreciate that. If you find that I’m not blogging, that probably means that nothing is really going on in my life.

Reading blogs also promotes an interest in others because it really is fun to hear about other people’s lives. At first I felt like I was being voyeuristic because I was watching people that didn’t really know I was watching. Once I started commenting more on their blogs, I started feeling closer to them. I found that I could learn things about people that they probably wouldn’t tell me in every day conversation and the same is true for people who read my blog. I’ve heard that many people who don’t really know me actually see me quite differently than the people who really take the time to get to know me. It’s been interesting to see people become more open to me because of things they read here and they feel a connection with me through that.

Blogging has been an interesting experience so far on several levels. I appreciate the fact that you are here sharing it with me. Thank you.


~ by jtcrespo on January 7, 2008.

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