Fill this space…

Here at Buckhead Church, we’ve been blessed with some awesome cubicles. (Thanks Mer) These things are HUGE! I’ve had no problems filling my cube with all kinds of useless stuff. (I promise I’ll straighten those pictures as soon as I get in tomorrow.)

The only problem is that we have this empty area between my cube and Tammy’s cube.


We’ve been talking about what to do with this space since we took the Christmas tree down. I feel like all of the people in our area have been entrusted with this space to do something really cool with and we all keep going round and round about how to fill it. Right now we’ve decided that maybe an aquarium would be neat and we could change the scenery behind and around it to match the season and such. I also talked about putting a non-functioning door there with a “Do Not Enter” sign on it to see who is courageous enough to try it.

That’s good and all, but I want even more ideas. Throw them at me…

What should we do with this space?


~ by jtcrespo on January 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “Fill this space…”

  1. How about store all the extra stuff that won’t fit in my little 1/2 cubette….hahaha.

    Ok, my real vote is either a ginormous gumball machine or that fortune teller machine from the movie Big..that could be fun. 🙂

  2. I think we should put a vending machine in there with all kinds of candy, chips, etc. However, if you decide to go with the door idea, I have an extra “Please Use Other Door” sign that I could give you.

  3. Jamie – I’m liking the fortune teller. What if we did a giant 8-ball and we made every important decision by consulting it? I can see it now…

    “Should we have services today?”

    “Prognosis not good, please ask again later.”

    So maybe that idea won’t work either.

    Natalie – Considering half of the people in our cube corral are about to start de-toxing and trying to lose weight and the other half already act like hyperactive chihuahuas on crack, candies and snacks may be a bad idea.

    I do like the “Please Use Other Door” idea though, since there would be no other door.

  4. I really love the door idea, but as an interior designer, I must say that a love seat would look quite nice there too.

    No really, what about a pinball machine? You know how popular the 4th floor is. Maybe a gaming system of some sort. You could even mount the flat panel TV to teh wall that can show pictures (or a yule log) during the “off times” your not using it.

    You could also put the tree back up and change the decor with the seasons like my grandmother does! Right now– football theme, Feb- Valentine’s day, March- St Patrick, the possibilities are endless! 😉

  5. This is a test.


    What are you testing? – Jerry (the Admin within)

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