Cloverfield info…


From comment section: Hmmm. It’s looking like early evening (Maybe a 6:30 to 7:30 show?) and the Romans will have to sit out because they have something better to do that night. I would rather wait for the group to get together than rush because we have to get someone else somewhere. It’s just less stressful that way.

Sorry it has to be that way Jared and Meredith, but if I find out you’re ditching us for the “Odd Couple”, I’m gonna be ticked…

So what’s the best way to handle getting tickets? I have a $25 gift certificate to Regal Cinemas that I’m going to use to get us all tickets. I can run by and pick them up early if needed, but I’m pretty sure we’ll all want to get there early. I’ve only done one opening day fracas in the past (Matrix: Revolutions), so I’m new to this. What time should we get there?


~ by jtcrespo on January 14, 2008.

6 Responses to “Cloverfield info…”

  1. I think you should camp out Thursday night. We will join you later on Friday evening and bring you hot dogs and hot chocolate.

  2. Great plan. That Michele…always thinkin’. I think we should go forward with her idea.

    I’m sad Jared and Meredith will miss all the fun. It will be tough to move on without them, but it must be done.

    It depends on what time the movie is for when we get there. But we cannot miss the previews! 🙂

    I will be a starvin Marvin so are you guys planning on eating on your own or are we eating together?

  3. Turns out Jared was playing a joke that I didn’t get. I’m dense like that sometimes. But Jared and Meredith are a GO!

    My vote is that since they have each other, they should go out Thursday night and camp to get us tickets. They have their love to keep them warm.

  4. That sounds like a great idea, I will run that by Mer and see how she feels about spending a cold night out in atlanta. I am sure she will go for it!!!

    Sorry i tricked you… 😦 I will try not to do it again… until next time.

  5. whoa… I am so confused right now. Are we going or not??? What else are we doing Friday night??

    Also, I don’t really hang out with Jack Lemmon or Walter Matthau anymore…

  6. Jared and I have a gift card we can send with you too (since we’re in again apparently?)

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