This could be dangerous and painful…


For the next two days I will eat/drink nothing but Arden’s Garden 2-day Detox juice. Then I plan to start each morning with Spiru-tein mixed with the blasting powder(on the right) from then on. I’ve been doing the Spiru-tein shakes for the past few mornings and have been drinking a lot of water and it really helps to give me a noticeable boost of energy to get through mid-day. I already feel myself wanting to stay away from the foods I used to eat because they make me feel worse again.

I have a scary feeling that tomorrow is going to be a rough day, but I am going to commit to this. I want to feel better about myself and lose weight again.

I wonder if I can consume enough caffeine tonight to make it through the next 48 hours without?

Diet Mountain Dew, I miss YOU!!!


~ by jtcrespo on January 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “Super-Mega-Colon-Blow…”

  1. You are brave. Very brave.

  2. i have tried a lot of crazy things. but you have me beat. good luck my friend!!

  3. I have confidence in your ability to fight the caffeine bug. I will throw my cleansing vibe upon you the next 2 days!!!!!

  4. You should try some bentonite and a good probiotic–something with bafidium and lactobacilus,not just acidophilus.

  5. King of the Colon eh?

    I guess that answers that question…

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