I am a bad person…

I couldn’t do it.  I failed.  I am a loser.


Everything was going well until I got behind on my water intake.  Then it all went downhill fast.  I completely crashed and caved in.  It’s okay though because I wasn’t ready for it and I quickly learned that today was not a good day to be low on energy and running around with a migraine. I promise to try again soon and do it, but I now know the things I need to take care of first.

1) Get myself off of caffeine.  Caffeine withdrawal makes this kind of thing extremely difficult.

2) Plan for it.  Use a few days that I am not extremely busy and running around like crazy.

The balance that our bodies ride on is amazing.  It’s wild how you will spin out of control if you mess with that balance at all.  Never mind the fact that I decided to just tip the whole cart over this morning.

I’m determined though.  I will get this!


~ by jtcrespo on January 16, 2008.

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