Look Up!


I want feedback on the new header image. What do you think? Do you get it?

Let me know…

Thanks Jo for making this happen!


~ by jtcrespo on January 27, 2008.

7 Responses to “Look Up!”

  1. I AM FIRST!!!!!!!

  2. First to what?

    You were supposed to tell me what you think…

  3. Respond… duh!!

  4. Oh yeah, and I really like the new design. You guys did a really good job with that!

    Joe said you would get the joke, of me saying I was first.

  5. Here’s how the “FIRST” thing works, and I can’t explain why.

    WOOHOO FIRST!!!!1shift-1

    Never use the “I am” when claiming FIRST…

  6. I like it. Can’t say that I understand it, but I like it!

  7. When I tell you what it means, you’ll be all “like duh!”

    Here it is:
    My thoughts go up into the little clouds, where they rain down into the drain and onto the blog. If you notice, the drain is over the blog column.

    Yup, It’s that simple…

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