How Do I?


Some people think I know how to do a lot of random things.  I really don’t.  I just love to learn how to do things.

So let’s see what I do know how to do. Maybe you can inspire me to learn something new since I tend to only learn how to do something when I need it.  Now I can help you do something as well.  This isn’t a “Stump the Moron” contest.  I genuinely want to help you learn how something is done.

You ask how to do something and I’ll try to tell you how.


~ by jtcrespo on January 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “How Do I?”

  1. Ok time to stump Jerry…

    I am looking to install a make believe flat screen TV over our fireplace. Hopefully someday it becomes a reality, but for right now I would like to hear what the all wise Jerry has to say about it. Should it be something I do or is this a big no no?

  2. It depends. Do you want to use an imaginary wall mount or a real one? The real one will be much more sturdy. It is definitely not a no-no to do this and it could be a major selling point to a prospective buyer in the future.

    The first thing I would think about is how large of a TV you are looking for and will it fit in the space? (The good thing about imaginary TV’s is that they can be any size you want and will fit anywhere.)

    Second, I would look for a power and data source. These can be run either inside the wall or hidden by adhesive backed tracks that you can get at any hardware store. If you run them inside the tracks, I would run them in the floor corners until you decide to go up the side of the fireplace, over the mantle and up into the TV. You can also run them in the corners of the ceiling. (This is not my preferred choice as it can look very tacky.) Personally, I would run the cable through the inside of the wall. However, this may mean having to tear out parts of sheetrock on the walls or ceiling from where you want to connect (please turn off all breakers in the room before playing with power), all of the way to the spot above the fireplace where the TV will eventually reside. It shouldn’t be more than a weekend project though. This will also give you a chance to beef up the wall structure behind your mounting point. (Which is why I would go this route.) Make sure the receptacles are mounted against the inside of a stud and will not interfere with the TV mount. Replace all sheetrock and paint to match. (Now would be a good time to paint the entire living room because I know she will mention it.)

    Third, You will want to hang your TV mount. Make sure you get the fasteners into a stud or they may pull through the sheetrock over time. Then you will hang your Imaginary TV on your sturdy new mount.

    There is one more option to look into. There are some great HD projectors on the market that may be just what you are looking for and can be hung from the ceiling or mounted in a cabinet on the other side of the room. When turned off, you won’t have a giant black square on your wall and it is easier to take down and pack up if you ever move.

    It may not be how everyone would do it, but it’s how I would do it because I tend to over-engineer everything I do. A good electrician will probably know some better tricks and it may be wise to hire one for the tough parts.

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