Where’s Geraldo?

Yesterday I sat up in front of our 4th floor windows. It was nice because it was such an open area, yet it was very secluded at the same time. I could hear people passing, but they had no idea I was there, so no one interrupted my time spent working on my computer. It was also nice because the only light in the room came from the windows, so it was warm and inviting. I also felt like I was connected to everything outside of the building as well. I could see traffic going by, people walking, and helicopters buzzing overhead. I enjoyed being connected yet detached at the same time.

Today I am in the upper greenroom that the band and production crew uses on Sunday.


This is a part of the building that gets no natural light, and the only thing louder than the air handler is the paint and furniture.

However, This room would be awesome with a crowd. There are enough distractions to keep people looking around and normal conversation wouldn’t be hampered by the A/C unit. There is plenty of seating and it is arranged so that you can participate in whatever is going on, or you can escape to your own chair with your own lighting for a little quiet time. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this room when I first saw it, but today it has really grown on me.

Stay tuned! You never know where Geraldo may be tomorrow!


~ by jtcrespo on January 30, 2008.

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