You are in a safe place…

Really, It’s okay to tell us the one thing you did today that you ordinarily wouldn’t tell anyone.

I’ll start:  This morning I listened to an interview on the radio with Kelly Clarkson.  I have to admit that I have a mad crush on her because of her attitude.  She is the type of person that can engage an entire room just by chatting with them.    She’s down to earth and honest.   She gets bonus points for the whole voice and song writing thing.


The part I wouldn’t admit?  I spent the rest of my morning ride to work sitting in traffic, singing with Kelly blaring through my stereo.  I drive a soft top convertible, so everyone could hear me doing this…

So tell me what you did today that you usually wouldn’t talk about.


~ by jtcrespo on January 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “You are in a safe place…”

  1. OK…I pooped.

    Gross, and I normally don’t tell anybody, but this is a safe place.

  2. ummm, That’s nice Chris. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Since we’re on music..i found my Ace of Base cd not too long ago and I can’t stop listening. i think i need help. Will you guys promise not to tell anyone?

    Kelly rocks though! (i think it’s in the name…) 😉 I’d be loud and proud listening to her.

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