I am extending the Dilopted episode of You Tell Me… for another week.


Because we have a prize vault now! Winners get to choose from several Fabulous Prizes! I will add more later, but I need to save some more money first. (Donations in the form of funds or products are greatly appreciated!)


Wanna know what’s in it so far?

Are you tired of not having snow? Well now you can with your own tube of Instant Snow Powder! You can create your own blizzard wherever you go!


Have you ever seen March of the Penguins and wondered what they do with all of that poop? Well now you know! They make it into candy! I have one bag of Penguin Poop for a lucky winner. It even has peanuts in it!

This prize has been won!


Have you ever wanted to harness the power of the Earth? Well now you can with your very own magnetic stones!! These can also be used as cubicle door or refrigerator magnets I imagine.


Okay Captain Planet wannabes. I even have something for you. Now you can journal without hearing the trees scream in one of three sizes of notebooks made from recycled products.

Medium is 6″x8.5″


Small is 4.25″x6″


And the trye notebook (my favorite) is 3″x4.5″


What good are notebooks without pens? We also have 2 recycled pens that are made from old CD’s. I just hope they took the music out of them first or they’ll make quiet time pretty annoying. Note: This is a separate prize from the notebooks, so you would have to win 2 weeks to get both.


Last, but not least we have an original Love Puppy wrapped bottle of Coca-Cola. Anyone who has seen the somewhat creepy Happiness Factory commercials probably knows what these things are. From the bottle – Function: Imbues Coke bottles with happiness and love.


Here’s a Youtube video if you still need to know what a Love Puppy is.

New Addition as of 2/12/2008!  Santa and Reindeer in a low-rider with neon and hydraulics.   It looks like Santa used his time off last year to pimp the sled…

So that’s all of the prizes so far. I will even personally autograph any of these items for you!

Look for even more prizes to come soon…


~ by jtcrespo on February 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “You Tell Me… PRIZE VAULT!”

  1. “I used to be a plastic box”
    Damn…now I need to think of a new title for my memoirs.

    Di•lop•ted-verb-Forward thinking, trendy negligence. Past tense-dilopidated. Example: In a fit of ire, Jerry dilopted the remaining GroupLinks for the year.

  2. Oh I have a new item for the grab bag – a lovely sachet of Korean Hazelnut-coffee scented potpourri. I know how you LOVE that smell.

  3. Eeeek!

    It seems our current storage system for the prize vault is full. Can you please hold that item at your desk while we make arrangements for a new storage facility. We’ll be sure to send you an address once we get it moved. *wink*

  4. I’m sending an email to facilities to get this storage issue fixed…I ALSO have a Korean satchel of hazelnut beans I’d like to donate…and soon.

    This is an out-of-control prize vault. I will be posting my contribution to the contest soon….

  5. Dilopted [die-lop-ted] (n): This is a hand-to-hand defene move named by a few guys from the 801 NAS. CDR Seymour was observing a morning training session, when ENS Ted Mathews almost lost his arm to ENS Mark Walker in a spontaneous defense move. This is now a required training move for the Navy.

    *NAS(Naval Air Squadron); CDR(Commander); ENS(Ensign)

    **Information provided by

  6. The move, Dilopted, is performed with the left hand on the enemies back and the right hand on the enemies left wrist. With a swift kick you will immobilize your opponent.

    Sorry I didn’t get this sentence in before I posted.

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