Life in 3-D…


3-D glasses are amazing because anything in 3-D is obviously better. AMIRITE?

Yesterday I put that to the test by trying my 3-D glasses out in a few places I wouldn’t ordinarily wear them.  Not that I would “ordinarily” wear 3-D glasses.  One simply couldn’t handle that much awesomeness.

1) They won’t make a boring staff meeting more exciting. (Fortunately for me, we have the coolest staff meetings ever.)

2) They won’t make a meal taste better or look better.

3) They don’t make your bank statement look any better.

4) They won’t make traffic better or make me drive better.

5) They don’t make me more attractive to other people or other people more attractive to me.

6) They won’t make things smell better.

7) They will get you a lot of funny looks in public. If you need attention and you don’t care how you get it, wear them proudly and act like the people making fun of you just don’t get it.

8 ) They will eventually give you a headache.

All things considered, I’m rather unimpressed by my experiences in 3-D yesterday.


~ by jtcrespo on February 5, 2008.

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