Our Story…

So here’s the idea…


My blog is read by some really creative people and I want to capture the imagination of all of you. I’m going to write the opening line of a story and you guys will add to it in the comment section. Each person adds to the previous comment to continue the story. Everyone is invited to play along and I encourage all of you to post as often as you like. Let’s see where this goes. (If anywhere?)

And so it begins…

“I’m not really sure how it got here or even what it is. All I know is that we have to do something about it.” said Angela.


~ by jtcrespo on February 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Our Story…”

  1. The brown paper package sat on the coffee table where it had mysteriously appeared during the hour she’d been out.

  2. As she cautiously opened it up, she noticed a slight movement in the bottom as if something inside it were barely alive and struggling to breath.

  3. Suddenly, recognition hit her like ice water.

    “What is it?” Monica asked.

  4. “How did this get back to me? I thought we had left it back on it’s home planet.” said Angela as the creature inside slowly raised it’s head and it’s eyes adjusted to the sudden change in light that temporarily blinded it.

  5. Then a gentle hiss arouse from the bowls of this slimy beast, you could see it uncoil and shimmer as the light hit its yellow and green scales that resembled armor plating. “I believe it has grown a little since we last saw it.” Jeff stated in a low whisper. Jeff slightly shifted his weight as he inched to where Monica would be between him and the bag.

    Then all of the sudden…

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