Winner: Dilopted


Alright Folks! It’s been a while since I extended the contest, but we finally have a winner.

So you know, I had asked Carlos to judge this entry, but he has left for Uganda, so I had to find a stand-in.

I recently received this email from our latest judge.

hey jerry, i looked through all your posts from the first dilopted post and on ward. i only found 4 entries from jo, chris green, jared, and adam. if there are more and i missed them let me know and i’ll rescore. as of now is stands as
1st place: adam (trendy negligence)
2nd place: jared (fused glass)
3rd place: jo (defense move)
4th place: chris (cyclops sergery)

adam’s responce was just to clever to ignore, though jared’s was a very close second for believability.

my only condition for judging is that i not be named, i dont want to me the one to destroy all jo’s hopes and dreams 🙂

Congratulations Adam! I happen to know that Adam has already chosen the Penguin Poop, so I will be delivering his bag of fowl feces to him soon.

Stay tuned for the next word soon…


~ by jtcrespo on February 11, 2008.

One Response to “Winner: Dilopted”

  1. Someone had to come in last place, I guess. The judge is obviously racist.

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