Can you help me decide?

I admit, I’m a phone junkie. You could burn down my house or trash my car and I’ll get by just fine, but if you took my cell phone away from me I would freak out in a pretty extreme way. Because of this, I expect my phones to always operate at maximum efficiency and I replace them as soon as they start showing any signs of trouble.

I now have a dilema. I want to replace my current phone because it has started to lock up (probably due to being dropped several times) which leaves me wondering if I am missing calls and emails. This is it…


This is a Blackberry 8800, it was one of the first available in Georgia. I searched it out and arranged the purchase of it before it’s release date. I love this phone.

Sometime around late February or early March, I will be buying a new phone and I have narrowed it down to two choices. I will list my personal pros and cons on each. I want your opinion on what I should do.

Option #1


Pros – $ 99, Small, Lightweight, VERY Durable, Camera, Real GPS based on satellites, very easy to use (text messaging) and set up, great sound quality, a lot of software options available, insurable, can see all messages, calls, and such from main screen.

Cons – Limited web surfing, no ability to edit documents

Option #2


Pros- lightweight, touchscreen that works, zooming on all page and images, finger scrolling, iTunes ordering, Starbucks ordering, 16 Gig MP3 player, iCal, Excellent camera, wi-fi capable, text voice messages, soon to have more widgets/applications available, iTendant is not compatible with it (inside joke)

Cons – $500, not insurable, more difficult to see your messages, calls, and such, texting is a learned skill(especially with larger fingers), subject to being outdated by Apple with 2nd generation coming later this year (which means that if I want to use new accessories, I would have to buy a new phone), limited GPS based on wi-fi signals and not navigation satellites.

I’m not looking for “OMG APPLE is awesome and everything else SUX!” type comments, I’m looking for real opinions here that are actually helpful because my phone is pretty serious to me.


~ by jtcrespo on February 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “Can you help me decide?”

  1. If I were in your place I would get the Blackberry Curve. Then maybe later this year when the new iphone comes out, you can get it if you want. The curve is only $99, so if you only keep it for 6 months, you have still gotten you money out of it.

    If you get an iphone for %500 and then want to upgrade in 6 months, your cost of ownership has been much higher. Just my opinion. I am waiting to buy the new iphone, but my current phone is working fine, and the main reason I want an iphone is for the full web browser, with the faster 3G or 4G speed.

  2. i’m gonna have to go with Jared on this one. He pleads a good case. Just on looks, i’d go with the iphone all the way, but your con list for the iphone is too long compared to the Curve.

  3. I actually have decided to go with the Blackberry when the time comes because I would only be wanting an iPhone because it is pretty cool. I feel that other people would benefit more from the extra money it would cost me to buy an iPhone, so I have done something else with it.

  4. Good decision. 🙂

  5. Jerry. Bad move. Go iPhone, not because of the hype, but because the hype is true.

  6. Correction, Jared’s financial analysis is true. Then, you can have both phones.

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