You Tell Me… (Eonilot)


Alrighty then! The You Tell Me… challenge is finally back on track! We had to take a moment to catch our breath after the last one, but we’re ready to learn from all of you once again…

This week’s word is EONILOT.

Please give me a definition and use it in a sentence so that I can have someone pick the best one.

Whoever wins gets to choose a prize from our FABULOUS PRIZE VAULT! You know you want in on this!


~ by jtcrespo on February 16, 2008.

8 Responses to “You Tell Me… (Eonilot)”

  1. e•on•i•lot noun

    A small spotted fish, ichthyophagous pardalis, of the coelacanth family, also called the Leopard Fish. It ranges in size from six to eight inches and inhabits the caves off the Comoro Islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s small size and appearance have let it to be associated with the Ocelot, from whence it derives its name.

  2. Eonilot was the favorite horse of Sir Lancelot. He was a palomino gelding who stood 16.1 hands high.

    “Sir Lancelot mounted his trusty steed, Eonilot, and went to rescue Lady Guinevere.”

  3. Sir Lancelot would never ride a gelding.


  4. Adam, you have no qualifications to disqualify anyone.

    If you would like to play the game that way, then you are DISQUALIFIED! for not following the rules and using the word in a sentence.

  5. Eonilot v.
    French for faking one’s own death.
    Pronounced with the t being silent.

    “Mademoiselle Evette eonilot dans la rivière.”

  6. Really clever, Jerry. Eonilot is really “tolinoe” spelled backward. Tolinoe is the active ingredient in “Colon Blow,” a cereal high in fiber, which was featured on SNL in the late 1990’s.

    You almost stumped me there.

  7. Eonilot: a short version of what I say when the power meter is spinning out of control. “Boy, there is Eonilot.” Short for, “Boy, there is a lot of Electricity on.”

  8. Eonilot n. (ion-a-lot) A brand of gum produced in remembrance of “Everlasting Gobstoppers” from Willie Wonka. So named from the word “aeon” which defines a unit of time equal to one billion years.

    I have been chewing the same piece of Yellow 5 Eonliot for the past week and the spunky lemon flavor has not waived since.

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