I’m back, but where Where’s Geraldo?

Back to the blogging world…

For those not in ATL, it is going to be a gorgeous day here. This was my view this morning as I did my devotional. I recently started The Message//Remix: Solo by Eugene H. Peterson and I’ll talk more about it once I get deeper into it. (Yes Michele, I am pimpin’ the Amazon link because it’s $4 cheaper there…) But anyway, it was quite an inspirational way to start my morning. I think it’s going to be a good day.

When I got back to my cube, I realized that I must continue my journey into inspirational locations so I’m continuing my mobile office tour of Buckhead Church. Today I am in the 1st grade UpStreet Room. I’m going to let Jill tell us more about UpStreet in the comment section since I bet someone is going to tap her on the shoulder and tell her she’s been tagged for it. Thanks!


So anyway, our 1st graders get quite a view of the outside world as you can see. I really like this room because it has lots of natural light, it is quiet, and no one knows I’m in here looking out at them. I can watch the world go by from the safety of my little fishbowl. Natalie, You may not want to come in here today because I know how fish scare you and I’m feeling pretty fishy today.

So if anyone needs me, I’ll be sitting in here with my coloring books all day…


~ by jtcrespo on February 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “I’m back, but where Where’s Geraldo?”

  1. Jer…the next time you are with the coloring books you better let me know! I love to color and I love those stinkin windows …the ones with the natural light

  2. OK, I think this might be my first official tag from blog world – a big step! Glad to hear you love the 1st grade room – I like it too…those first graders definitely have the best view, but I don’t think they appreciate it.

    So – UpStreet: Umm..what can I say..it’s my life now so I’d say I’m pretty passionate about it!! No, but seriously, if you’ve never hung out on UpStreet on a Sunday morning consider this your invitation. Come on up and hang with us for an hour – it’s loads of fun! Our kids are connected in small groups, experience great worship and Bible story telling in large group, and our volunteers love it. I mean, not to rag on “big church”, but, we do pretty often get the comment “I think I learn more here than I do in church”…I don’t know that it’s true, but, we do teach things in a way that kids AND adults really GET it..sometimes the simple things are the most important, you know? Check out our new UpStreet blog at http://www.buckheadupstreet.wordpress.com (sorry – I’m new and don’t know how to link yet) There you can hear some cool stories and meet some of our amazing volunteers.

  3. Thanks Jill. You guys are awesome! I never see anyone come out of UpStreet that doesn’t have a smile on their face. That says a lot about what you’re doing in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

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