Let’s talk about me… (Car Tires)

Here’s another strange fact about me…


I’m weird about car tires. Not just the ones on my own car either. Chances are that if I am walking through the parking lot and I happen to see your car, I will take a glance at it’s tires. Sometimes I even do the test that’s in the picture above. (Put a penny in the most worn part of the tread and if you can see the top of Abe’s head, you need new tires. 8) ) I even once offered to buy someone some new tires because I thought they were riding dangerously close to a bad situation. They declined my offer and had a blowout that weekend while in another state. No I will not buy you new tires if you intentionally wait for me to notice!

Why do I do this? Because I used to drive 90,000 plus miles a year and I’ve had some bad experiences due to worn out or damaged tires, so I watch my own tires and everyone else’s tires to prevent it from happening again.

So if I ever come up to you and tell you that you should go get your tires checked out, you may want to do it…


~ by jtcrespo on February 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “Let’s talk about me… (Car Tires)”

  1. So, how are my tires?

  2. Actually, your car was the reason for this post because I saw it in the parking deck yesterday and thought about how strange it was that I was checking out someone else’s tires.

    Your driver’s side rear tire is getting pretty low on air, but the tread looks pretty good.

  3. that is just too funny!

    are you feeling better today?

  4. Yes, I am feeling a little better.

    Natalie – I put some air in your tire for you.

  5. Thanks for pumping up my tire!

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