They just don’t get it… (Drive-Thru)


This morning I stopped by the Starbucks drive-thru to get a latte’ and my arch nemesis was in front of me. We all know this person. They begin by ordering 5 seperate orders and paying for them individually. I can deal with that. It’s what they do next that irritates me to no end.

As they are leaving, they decide that the best place to check their order is 5 feet in front of where they picked the order up. THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!!! Once you pull forward, everyone behind you pulls up so you will never be able to back up again. This means that if the order is wrong, you have to go all of the way around again! Your only purpose at that moment is shutting down the entire drive-thru until you decide to pull forward and give the person behind you enough room to get to the window. If you look in your rear-view mirror to actually see what’s behind you instead of how you look in your sunglasses, you will see other drivers and even the workers at the drive-thru all upset with you. Please be courteous enough that you don’t stop the rest of the world behind you.


~ by jtcrespo on March 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “They just don’t get it… (Drive-Thru)”

  1. that guy drives me nuts, also the people on the freeway who have to slow down to see an ambulance. sometimes i think that if they dont stop that junk im gonna give them reason to need an ambulance

  2. I thought I was your arch nemesis 😦

    I guess I need to step it up.

  3. I always picture that you’re in the car ahead of me whenever this happens if that makes you feel better. 8)

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