Makin’ da Chedda Betta…


All I hear about on the news lately is recessions, layoffs, and such. Some people end up in miserable jobs after this happens. I’ve also noticed that downsizing can lead some people to explore opportunities that they never took while they were pursuing the career that didn’t quite work out.

So spill it…

If it all fell apart today and you could go after the career of your dreams, what would it be? Let’s pretend that there was nothing holding you back.


~ by jtcrespo on March 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Makin’ da Chedda Betta…”

  1. I want to be the trainer that dives off the killer whale at Sea World.

  2. I would open up a doggy day care so I could play with pups all day long.

    There is an article on MSN today along the lines of your blog. They list little known careers. I’ll leave it up to you to come up with the descriptions for these very real jobs.

    1. Breath Odor Evaluator
    2. Diener
    3. Ocularist
    4. Flatulence smell-reduction underwear maker
    5. Dog sniffer
    6. Crack filler
    7. Ball tester
    8. Potato chip inspector
    9. Paper towel sniffer
    10. Foley artist

  3. I think I would want to host a travel show that highlights where humanitarian projects are happening…not your typical travel show, but a cool show nonetheless.

  4. oh man, i want to do a lot of things. it would be cool to tour for a bit, open a family business, work in an orphanage, be a part of something that breaks my heart so much i can’t stand it. I really could go on…i can’t choose.

  5. I’d pack up my family and move to China….but not for the target practice!

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