The Aftermath…

Okay, It turns out that my original plan was very weather dependent, so I decided against middle GA at the last minute and headed North instead. We went to:

I knew Chattanooga would be a sure thing for fun and I was not disappointed. This city is quickly becoming by far one of my all-time favorite places to escape for a weekend.

Friday night I needed to chill, so we hung out in the hotel room and watched Stardust. (It is one of my current favorite movies.)

Then we woke up on Saturday morning and spent the first half of the day at Cracker Barrel getting breakfast. (Note to self: If you want lunch, arrive for breakfast. If you want dinner, arrive for lunch. If you want breakfast, camp out the night before…)

Then we went to the Aquarium.

I love these birds. They could be my favorite part of the Aquarium:

Here’s some more photos from the Aquarium. (which I think is better than the GA Aquarium because it is much more interactive.)

No, the gators were not making out. They were cuddling with each other. Almost everyone at the aquarium is pretty friendly.

There were penguins, but they all move so fast that I couldn’t get any good pictures of them. This photo will have to explain my feelings on the subject.

Then we went over to the Hunter Museum. Sorry folks, no photos from inside. I learned that the hard way from security during my visit to another museum back during my birthday. But here is a picture of the outside:

Now I’m going to share Chattanooga’s best kept secret with you. Please don’t tell everyone because I want to be able to enjoy all of this for years to come. We also roamed around in the Bluff View Art District. It is a magical place with cool sculptures everywhere and the smell of incredible delicacies being created in hidden restaurants. The whole area is amazing.

This is actually a bakery.

This is my favorite statue. It really made me feel like I wanted to fly.

If you want to see the rest, I encourage you to go check it out yourself…

Oh by the way, I did see Nemo and he’s doing fine…


~ by jtcrespo on April 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Aftermath…”

  1. I think the gators were totally making out. “They were cuddling with each other.”…that’s what she said.

  2. Man, i really want to go on a road trip now.. oh money…

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