I Hate Late?

Have you ever wanted to know my biggest pet peeve? I doubt it, but you’re reading my blog, so you’re about to find out anyway.

I Hate Late…

One thing that people learn pretty quickly about me is that I am very punctual. If I am going to be late, you can expect to get a call from me at least 15 minutes before our scheduled arrival time. To be occasionally late is one thing because stuff happens. My problem is that it has become standard practice for some people to be at least 15 minutes late for everything. I know someone that doesn’t mind if I have to wait for 30 minutes or more before they call to let me know they’re running late. How did we get to the point that people feel it is acceptable to waste someone else’s time?

I love spending quality time with others and I cherish every minute I get with them. So it stands to reason that I would get upset if any of those minutes are taken away from me. Then I start to feel cheated because waiting is obviously not what I would have been choosing to do while other people finish up whatever it was they wanted to do. I also begin to wonder if that person didn’t really want to be around me because I feel like they would be on time or notify me that they were running late if they did.

When it comes to attending events, I am always early and in my seat so I don’t have to push through people. Once an event has started, I am embarrassed to have to walk by people while they are trying to enjoy something that they were excited enough to arrive on time to see all of. I feel like it would be selfish of me to interrupt their enjoyment. It is also embarrassing to me when someone I am with shows up late and pushes through everyone to come sit by me.

I just see punctuality as a sign of respect. It is a gift that I give to others to show them that I value them.

Am I being unreasonable?


~ by jtcrespo on April 19, 2008.

11 Responses to “I Hate Late?”

  1. i always always arrive on time and if i dont i call. i HATE late too!!! no you are not being unreasonable. those that are the late people will tell you that they are late to see you bc they were with someone else and they didnt want to cut their time short so they stayed and then arrived to you late. either way i guess someone gets shafted you or the person they have to leave.

  2. Thanks Erin,

    I also believe that if a person is meeting someone else prior and they are late because they went too long with them, then it shows a preference for the prior person’s time. Usually this is just poor planning, but the person being pushed back doesn’t always know that and is always getting the shaft because they are waiting for someone to finish up something they would rather do than be with them.

    It can hurt feelings…

  3. I am so with you Jerry! What sparked this comment? Did somebody leave you hanging?

  4. Yeah, I had this date with a supermodel and she was late, so I just left. She called me later and was all crying and stuff and I said I wasn’t going to deal with it. I’m worth being on time for…

    Yeah right!

    Nah, I just had a moment to reflect on it and thought I would share.

  5. i’m right there with you, jerry. when someone is late (especially chronically), it is communicating that their time is more important than yours…which is not true.

    it is a lack of respect and extremely selfish. unfortunately, late people do not see it that way…but how could they? they’re selfish and selfish people don’t know they’re selfish..(haha joking…kinda, since we all are selfish…that sounded harsh).

    but i’m a quality time gal, so i take it extremely personal too sometimes. but i’ve had to learn to give people grace…there are plenty of things i do to hurt them and i receive their grace. so, i just try to be open with them..letting them know it hurts and then move on…it is their decision then if they want to continue to communicate that message to me once they are aware.

  6. Know what I hate?


  7. Why do you hate yourself?

  8. I SO agree. I’m the exact same way. I’m a big “Quality Time” person and really value keeping your word. Do what you say you are going to do WHEN you say you are going to do it. Of course, that being said, I’m all about grace in those situations, but when people are just chronically late..ugh. It’s very disrespectful. Good post.

  9. i was late to an appointment this morning…ummm, practice what i preach, right? 😉

  10. Thank you,
    very interesting article

  11. I feel exactly the same. But the thing I hate most is when somebody (my partner!!) makes me late for an appointment/ meeting.

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