Pick one…

Can you guess which of these tools has gotten me out of more jams?


~ by jtcrespo on May 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Pick one…”

  1. my guess is the scraper on the left. Mer guesses the pliers. Though we both think the thing in the right is kinda cool looking, and probably really good for picking your nose when your hands are dirty.

  2. I guess the dental tool looking thing on the far right, because it seems most out of place. It’s the answer that would make the question most interesting.

  3. Esther says needle nose, I say channel locks even though they are incredibly annoying. Crescent wrenches are my fav. Where are yours?

  4. Adam is right for the wrong reason.

    I actually use the soldering pick more than most of my other tools. At some point in a lot of what I do, that little baby comes out. I could be using it to scrape something off or to re-apply something that I scraped off on accident. I’ve even used it as a screwdriver on a few occasions. One side has a small scraper and the bent side is a pick. Trust me, if you have one, you will create reasons to use it.

    It’s too bad I broke it yesterday while working on a door and have to get a new one now.


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