Flying the BrightKite…

Brian Weaver invited me to a new social site that’s in beta testing right now called BrightKite.

So far I like it a lot and can’t wait to get some other folks on it. The iPhone interface is really nice, but it can work from any phone or the computer.

I have 3 invites if any of you folks want one.


~ by jtcrespo on May 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “Flying the BrightKite…”

  1.’s like a tracking device masquerading as a social network…and packaged with a bright shiny bow…? i must be reading it wrong.

  2. I love brightkite. It think it has huge potential.

    @Kelli – All web apps are tracking devices. Your IP is always logged. Brightkite helps you connect with others and find out what’s going on around you in real life.

  3. oh yeah, I get that. it is just a little too much of a leash for me…

  4. I am with you Kelli.. I don’t want everybody knowing exactly where I am at all times. Even Twitter is a bit to much for me.

  5. It has privacy settings so you don’t have to tell people where you are, but I enjoy being open about it because I can see people around me and chat with them.

    Up until about a year ago, I would have said I feel the same way you do, but then I realized that Big Brother knows where I am anyway. We are always on cameras and our phones and computers can be tracked as well through ISP’s and router ID’s. Every time you link into a wireless router in Starbucks, someone sees you do it.

    I also realized that my daily life isn’t really exciting enough to require secrecy, so I embraced Big Brother and have been having fun with it. I believe that it has made my life more interesting. At DRIVE, I had two people walk up to me and say that they have read my blog. There were also people I would have never had a chance to talk to in person chatting with me about the conference. I even got to share our mission statement via private messages in Twitter with someone who had no idea who we were. That’s all pretty neat to me.

    It’s kind of flattering that people from all over the country/world are interested in what we do. In everyday personal conversation, we often ask each other how we’re doing and get the standard “Fine, and you?”. Since I started blogging/micro-blogging, I have had a lot of people that have known me for a while tell me that they have learned much more about me through these outlets because we’re able to share things that wouldn’t come up in normal conversation. You have a 24/7 connection with people everywhere you go. You can also disconnect pretty easily when you want to by just turning your phone/computer off.

  6. Word. Well said Jerry. I was doubtful for a bit too, but have come around just like you, and agree it provides some cool community. Now, not sure I’m ready for BrightKite, simply because having Twitter, a personal blog, and a work blog, and Facebook are really enough. At the end of the day, I’d rather sit with someone over coffee and do life that way. But, if this is a means to that, I’m in.

  7. those are great points, jerry. i guess you’re much cooler than me…i never run into anyone who reads my blog who i don’t already know. 🙂

    i don’t think it really is secrecy that i’m worried about…more of the thought that i have no reason for everyone and their grandmother to know where i am at any given time. sometimes i like anonymity. i’m not a huge fan of being “connected” all the time. I’ll leave my phone in my car or in my bag all day and not even look at it once…just to get away. I completely get the whole, just turn off your phone/computer idea…but still…i don’t know what it is. i can’t quite put words to it…

    but this brings me to what jill said above…”at the end of the day, i’d rather sit with someone over coffee and do life that way.” I couldn’t agree with her more.

    all this to say, i’ll more than likely jump on the band wagon within a couple of months anyway. 😉

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