The next big laptop accessory…

I have this pretty new laptop and I want to protect it because I will often have two computers in my bag at the same time now. I started looking around different stores and I realized something. Mac users are ALL about accessories, but there really aren’t a lot of options.  Most of these options are aimed at women, or men that must be less manly than I am.

As you know by now, I like to separate myself from the crowd when I can, so I went to to look for ideas on something I can make myself. BTW – There are a lot of creative ideas out there.

One in particular really caught my attention.

This thing is awesome!!!! If any of you know how to knit, would you please, please please, make me one of these? I promise to get photo evidence that it was used in public places.

All kidding aside, if anyone has any ideas for making a super cool laptop sleeve, I’ll buy the materials and we can build it together. “Cuz group projects are fun…”


~ by jtcrespo on May 25, 2008.

One Response to “The next big laptop accessory…”

  1. I would laugh SO hard if i saw someone using that in public!

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