On the road again…

That my friends is my 1979 Suzuki GS550E.  As you can imagine, this bike is a lot of fun.  (So much fun that I left it sitting in storage for almost two years without even starting it.  Yes, I know how stupid that is!) But now it is back on the road again.  I stopped by my storage unit last night to begin what I thought was going to be a multi-week project to get it started and running again.  I changed the battery, changed the leftover gas for fresh gas and I pushed the starter button not expecting anything.

Woo-hoo  It started!!!!!!

So today I went out and got it all legal and stuff.  The bike got 2 times cooler when the lady at the tag office told me I qualified for an antique vehicle tag.  That was exciting too!

So now as I prepare to commute, I have run into a problem.  I have to get a toll pass to get through the toll road and have to figure out where to stick it.  The instructions say to stick it on your windshield, but I’m not about to ride down the road with that thing stuck on my front visor!  Should I just slap it on top of my helmet instead?

What do you think?

I also have never named this bike.  Many may know that the Geo is called “The Barbie Urban Assault Vehicle.”  Well, What should we call this one?


~ by jtcrespo on June 19, 2008.

One Response to “On the road again…”

  1. Dude, thanks so much for your help today!!! You rock. I hope you got some good riding in this afternoon. I am jealous of you getting to go riding. I need to get out again.

    I put my cruse card in the tail of my bike. sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. If it does, sweet, if it doesn’t, they look at the picture and still charge my account. Win-win. 🙂

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