Where’s Geraldo Going?

Let’s take inventory of the past week…

I get a motorcycle running again.  I take all of my gear and bike luggage out of storage and get it washed up.  And suddenly the following magazines appear on my desk.

One would almost think there’s a motorcycle road trip somewhere in my immediate future.  As a matter of fact, there may be.  It turns out we’re now a little over half way through 2008 and I still haven’t taken a single day of vacation.  Normally I would go the whole year without taking it, because I feel that through holidays and such, the average American gets plenty of time off.  (Ugh, that is totally something a workaholic would say, isn’t it?) But this year I’m going to teach myself to use vacation wisely because I usually end up frustrated around Christmas when someone tells me I have something like 12 days of vacation left and have to take it before January 1.

Maybe you can help me out.  What are some good places that you know of?  I would like to go north since the mountains will be cooler around this time of year.  I enjoy seeing little known art, museums, and other non tourist trap type things.  (This is all part of that fear of crowds thing I have.)  I also enjoy nature and history tours.  I really enjoy “learning at rest”.  If I go on a vacation, I go to slow down and escape, but I can’t baste myself on a beach like a turkey.  I need to be moving and I love learning new things while I’m doing it.

So, If you were going to plan a getaway somewhere in the Smoky Mountain area, where would you go?  And no offense to anyone who may like the following areas, but Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Dollywood are not even a consideration at this time unless you really sell it to me well.


~ by jtcrespo on June 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Where’s Geraldo Going?”

  1. Hey Jerry! Check out this mountain called Shuckstack:
    It’s on the Appalachian Trail… about 4 miles straight up from Fontana Lake, NC. There’s a sketchy campground right underneath the dam (that’s where we stayed). The hike is awesome – perfect length for a day hike, and you get to climb the rickety fire tower at the top for a view. Also, you’d be right next to all the great motorcycle roads, like Tail of the Dragon (definitely something to Google).
    For another option close to home, one of my faves is Dukes Creek Falls, near Helen. Just a mile-long hike, but really beautiful. Raven Cliffs (next door to that one) is great, too, but longer. Then continue on Richard Russell Pkwy (Hwy. 348) west until you hit 180 east… take the side trip to Brasstown Bald… then continue east on 180 til you hit 75 south back to Helen. Great way to hike and see some sights while on an awesome loop drive.

  2. Oops – that was supposed to be Hwy. 348 – not a smiley face…

  3. Thanks Mike!

    Sleeping under Fontana Lake sounds pretty cool.

    Next time you guys are heading up to hike around Dukes Creek, let me know. I live only 30-45 minutes or so from there. (between Dawsonville and Gainesville.) I could meet you in Dawsonville. I was just up at Amicalola this past Friday. I really need to do some more hiking and I have plenty of backpacking gear as well.

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