Help us plan…

(Jared – Let’s try to do this when you get your bike out of the shop.)

A long sigh comes out of the crowd as Jerry makes another motorcycle/travel post…

(BTW – I think that’s the direction I want to take this blog since I would love to start traveling more in the near future.)

Jared and I were talking the other day about doing a “Guy’s Weekend” somewhere provided he’s able to get away sometime soon. Getting away is easy for me since I answer to little more than the Call O’ The Wild lately. I’m pretty sure that we would ride our motorcycles, but any other men that want to come by other modes of transportation are welcome. We would like help from the ladies to plan this, but it is intended to be a man’s retreat, so please keep that in mind. I would like to go somewhere in the mountains and rent a cabin, but I’m not sure where yet. It would need to be only a few hours or less away and hopefully surrounded by curvy roads so we can go out and lean our bikes into some turns if we desire to do so. I wouldn’t mind getting some fly fishing in and teaching guys how to do it if they want. Once we get there, we discussed that there should be little structure, but some planned time together would be great. There will also be no Wild at Heart, smoking peace pipes naked in a sweaty tee-pee type stuff, Okay? People will be free to do quiet time together or separate, and at whatever time they like. Amenities are not a big concern as long as there is A/C, a kitchen, and enough places to sleep. A porch to sit on would be great. We want to just bond as men, but not force it on anyone. If you want to sit alone in your room, that’s fine by us, but I’m pretty sure anyone that comes will want to participate because we’re so much fun to be around. If you’d like to just meet some other guys to be around, this would be a good opportunity to do so. We’re primarily talking about 2-3 days of relaxation and escape from our busy lives to reflect on God, and what it means to be us.

So whadda ya say? Does anyone know of anywhere we can go or have ideas about things we can do? The cheaper the better and FREE would be awesome. Being the kind of guys we are, anywhere we stay will probably look better after we leave than when we arrived. Or maybe we could do some light handiwork as a trade for letting us stay? If you would like to come with us, either comment below or email me or Jared. We’ll talk more about dates as details come to us.

Hopefully we can make this a reality for some guys that would really enjoy a trip like this.


~ by jtcrespo on July 19, 2008.

One Response to “Help us plan…”

  1. If curvy roads are what you are looking for nothing beats 129N to Blairsville. Great place to rent a cabin, visit Vogel State Park, or even play golf if that is your thing.

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