Goal Updates…

Over the past few months, I have set several personal goals.  Some were for better health and others are working towards improved sanity and the ability to get away from it all occasionally.  I haven’t really been challenged by anyone on these, so I wanted to give a progress update to create some accountability in this process.  Following are my short updates for each goal and my self-imposed score on a 1-10 system.

(1 = total failure, 5=average improvement, 10=total success)

Sleep (my score-6):  I have been getting more sleep lately, but I still have some issues getting to sleep at a normal hour.  I am also waking up earlier, but not crazy early yet.  We’ll keep working on that part.

Exercise (my score-5):  On the weekends, I have been doing a lot more running around and I have had more energy during the week, so I move around a lot more now.  I give myself a 5 in this area because my intent was to have a set routine and I do not have that yet.

Sugar Consumption  (my score-7):  I am very proud to say that I have cut way back on the sugar intake.   I even purchased a bag of m&m’s the other night and I never ate them.  I crave sugar less now, but I still catch myself eating it occasionally if I’m not paying attention.  Strange huh?  It’s funny that almost everyone does this.  If you sat next to the candy bowl like I do, you would see people unconciously digging in it all day long.

Caffeine (my score-3):  I have improved, but only marginally.  I would almost say that my intake of diet soda has increased because of the lower sugar intake.  Maybe I’m compensating?  I really need to improve this one because those drinks are expensive and I need to save money for my next goal…

The Great Adventure of ’09 (my score-7) – I am now a fully licensed and trained  motorcycle rider.  I have also narrowed my bike choices down to 2 bikes and I’m finishing up my gear selection and purchases now.  All that’s left is to save up for a bike, find a bike to buy, farkle it (that means install accessories), and get out on the road.  Now that it’s pretty much boiling down to being all about the money, I looked at my budget yesterday and I have saved more than I thought I had.  I feel I spent a lot of money seeing movies, eating out, and other stuff last month.  If I tighten this down quite a bit more, I could possibly purchase a bike by February of 2009.  This would set me up nicely to take my trip in Spring which works out perfectly. (Maybe I should also try having a garage sale or something?)

So there you have it, my honest assessment of where I stand.  Hopefully, I can continue to improve and I’ll keep you posted.  Feel free to help me out in any way you would like.  (Just don’t call me at crazy hours in the morning.  I would really like to accomplish that goal on my own, thank you very much!)


~ by jtcrespo on July 21, 2008.

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