We’re all going to die!

I really do think that some people enjoy that thought because it gives them a sense of purpose and some excitement for a little while.  I’ve even seen some people do it just for the attention that it brings them when they pretend that they are focused on others.  They go from moment to moment looking for the worst that can happen in a situation and then they pounce and try to make everything seem worse than it really is.    The gas scare this weekend over Hurricane Ike was no exception.

I’m usually off work on Friday and there’s really not much to do because most other people are at work.  It allows me to stay up late on Thursday and sleep in on Friday morning.  This Friday was no different until I woke up and finally turned on my computer around lunch time.

Words cannot explain how I felt when I saw everyone filling up all of their vehicle tanks and then some with fuel because of Hurricane Ike.  It was beyond rediculous in my opinion.

Fortunately for me, I always start the weekend on a full tank because I often wake up on Friday and decide to go on some far away shopping spree for something I’ll realize later that I didn’t need.  This weekend I simply decided that I would not add to the fuel problem and I would stay at home as much as I could.  I canceled some plans and I went out to get some movies so I could settle in.  On my way out, I passed several gas stations that had already raised their prices to almost $5 per gallon.  Across the street from them, I would see an honest station selling gas for $3.79 per gallon.  The funny thing is that both stations would have lines of cars filling up extra containers of gas in preparation of the coming apocalypse.  Many stations were already out of gas.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I chuckled even more when I left for work this morning and every one of those stations that were out of gas had a truck in front filling them back up.  You see, those station owners know that they’ll be able to get fuel for at least a few days.  In that time, a system can be set up to get fuel out again, but it may be in limited quantities.

It only makes the problem worse when we go out and buy up everything we can of something because of a shortage scare.  It creates a burden on supply and depletes reserves even more.  I understand that impending doom is exciting and all, but please trust the system or prepare to compromise a little if it comes to it.  I know that we all tend to have an “every man for himself” attitude, but it really isn’t necessary.  It just adds stress…


~ by jtcrespo on September 14, 2008.

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