About last night…

…from the perspective of a Fighter Pilot! (I attended a singles event, so I feel that point of reference would be best since it is a lot like aerial warfare.)

Me – “Come in Tower, This is Maverick and I’m ready for take-off.”

Tower – “Roger Maverick, Permission granted and good luck.”

*Gains altitude, tips each wing to get a feel for the controls*

Me – “I’m feeling good about this one Goose, How about you? … Goose? … Tower, I seem to have lost my wingman, do you have him on radar.”

Tower – “Negative Mav, You’re solo tonight, so no hot-dogging.  We want you back alive.”

Me – “Roger Tower, Enemy checkpoint in sight, going in to check it out.”

(Give my name and get a name tag.)

*Cruise through the combat zone trying to look as much like a friendly target as I can, keeping an eye out for possible bogeys and future escape routes.*

Me – “Tower, I’m nervous about this one.  I only see four other men against about 20 enemy fighters.  Environment may be a little too target rich for my taste.”

Tower – “Maverick! You’ve got a bogey at eight o’clock!

Me – “Roger Tower, Enemy engaged! LOL! She just asked me what my name was, so I looked down at my name tag.  Target has disengaged…”

Tower – “Roger Maverick, Three more bogeys coming in at three o’clock high! They have altitude advantage and they’re closing fast, suggest you get to a safer position!”

Me – “Affirmative Tower, I’m bugging, will re-engage when comfortable.”

* I drop chaff, pull into a climb, bank to the right into dining room, bank left into foyer again, look across room and see a beautiful smile and hazel eyes watching me travel back into the room, I return the smile, and she gives me a slight nod as if inviting me to engange*

Me – “Tower, I believe mission objective is in sight, requesting further instruction.”

Tower – “Drop in and check it out Mav, but watch your six.”

Me – “Thanks Tower, I’m going in!”

* Nose to the deck, I level out and build confidence as I move in, she turns to match my approach angle, so I figure this will be a battle with few surprises*

(Awesome talk!, we have a lot in common, we even talk about the Large Hadron Collider and she brought it up.  I could stare into her eyes forever.  I’m feeling good until…)

Me – “Tower, I’m checking out, she’s a bomber!  I’m out-manned, out-gunned, and she just dropped that she has two kids about to graduate from High School into the conversation.  Please recommend a course of action.”

Tower – “Disengage and bail Maverick, You aren’t ready for that kind of commitment, she’s out of your league! You guys aren’t even in the same playing field. Are there any other targets in sight?”

Me – “Negative Tower, I’m pretty shaken up and just want to head back to the barn…”

Tower – “Pack it in Mav, It was a good run, better luck next time!”

*I climb straight up, throttles at full, and afterburner engaged. Once I’m off of her radar, I invert to check my six, barrel roll and head straight for the door.*

Me – “Tower! Request permission for a fly-by?”

Tower – “Negative Ghost Rider, Pattern is full…”

But anyway, I got out and had fun.  I wasn’t really looking for possible companions.  I was just wanting to connect with other singles and see what was going on.  It became obvious very quickly that I was in the wrong group.  I think I may have been the only one there that wasn’t divorced with children.  I have nothing against that, but I have nothing in common with it either, so I was at a total loss for words almost all night…


~ by jtcrespo on September 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “About last night…”

  1. Nice metaphor!

  2. Is this how guys really think? Wow, I know nothing….

    Great post!

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