This weekend…

From from what I believe to be the perspective of a fuel supplier!


(Because we’re still in the middle of a gas panic and stations can’t fill their tanks fast enough…)

Me: (looking at a list of empty stations a mile long…) Okay guys, we’re getting gas again, let’s get out there and fill up these pumps.

Driver: It’s crazy! We’re filling them up as fast as we can, but every store we fill up needs gas again within hours.  Surely people don’t really need that much fuel!

Me: I know it’s tough, but we’ve got to do the best we can. America needs to get out and go shopping and get their nails done!  We may be in an economic crisis, but that won’t stop consumerism.  Go Go Feelings of Entitlement!

Station 432: I’m out of gas, what are you going to do about it?

Station 68: There’s no fuel, I know refineries are going again, so why can’t I get gas?

Station 32:  I just had two fist fights over one pump, I need gas now!

Concerned Consumer: My Hummer is below a quarter of a tank, I just had to drive 15 miles to fill it up so I could take my kids to dinner and the movies.  This is ridiculous! I should get some kind of compensation for what I’m having to go through.

Me: I know, I’m sorry that it has to be this way.  Please bear with us.  In the meantime, maybe you could have a nice dinner at home and a game night or something.  Spending time at home with our children is a good thing right?  We should all be doing our part to conserve fuel until supply lines can be filled again.

Station 15: I’m going broke here!  No one comes in to buy stuff any more because there’s no gas and my prices on everything else is too high!  I’m not convenient unless I sell gas.

Concerned Consumer: Phsht! Are you telling me how to raise my kids?  What would you know about caring for a family?

Wife: Honey, I really need you to come home.  The yard needs to be mowed, the kids miss you, and I just really want to spend some time with you.  You haven’t been home all week!  This isn’t good for our marriage!

Me: I know dear, I promise to be home as soon as we get this situation under control.  As soon as this is over, we’re going on that vacation in the mountains I promised you.  If I can last that long…

Station 78: If you don’t get me gas soon, I’m switching to BP!

Driver: Hey boss, I’m stuck on GA 400.  Several cars were following me to my next stop and one guy was driving next to me with a guy in the back of his pickup truck with a water hose.  Short story is that they accidentally rear-ended me. I’m going to be out of commission while I get repairs and scrape this guy off of the back of my truck. His last words were “GO Dawgs!!!”

Station 7: Woo Hoo! I can charge whatever I want and these fools will pay it.  Bring on some more fuel before I run out and I’ll pay extra!

Another Driver: Yes sir, I’m at station #54 and I can’t get in the parking lot.  People saw me pulling in and they lined up at the pumps.  Now I’m blocked out while people won’t move because they fear that they’ll lose their place in line.  Can I just run over their cars and fill up the tanks?

Me: No, just stay where you are, eventually they’ll catch on…

Driver: Okay, But they’re starting to look at me funny.

Station 865: I can’t handle it any more!  I’m so bored! Please bring me gas so I can talk to people!

Me: I just need a nap…

So that’s what I imagine the life of a fuel distributor is right now.  I certainly feel for those guys.

Good Luck!  I’m praying for you!

BTW – I was able to fill up my tank on Friday morning and I went straight home and have been goofing around the house all weekend.  I have taken some time to read the stories of the shortage and almost all of them revolve around the fact that we’re doing this to ourselves.  So please try to keep driving to a bare minimum and drive slower to conserve fuel.  This could be over a lot quicker if we’d just compromise our lifestyles a little and let these guys get their jobs done…


~ by jtcrespo on September 27, 2008.

One Response to “This weekend…”

  1. it blows my mind to think you guys (and my friends in Nashville) are dealing with this. we have absolutely NO gas shortage here…what a weird world we live in. maybe I should start shipping gas and make some money. set up a little .com business. ;0)

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