My biggest compliment…

Tonight I received the biggest compliment I have had in a long time and the person who did it has no idea she even did it.  Until now…

This is Angie and she works in our Production Department. (Sorry Angie, but I stole the photo from your blog. 🙂 )

Tonight I was walking by Angie’s desk and she asked me what my thoughts were on a project that she is currently working on.  The fact that she asked me was big to me, but that wasn’t the compliment I’m speaking of.  As I sat down and started to ask questions and discuss possibilities with her, she pulled out a notebook and started to write.  In her face, I could see that she was truly listening to everything that I had to say and she valued it enough to write down almost a whole page of notes. I could never express how much it meant to me that someone found what I was saying important enough to take notes.

Angie, Thank you very much for the way you made me feel by doing that.  Our volunteers are very lucky to have you leading them.


~ by jtcrespo on October 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “My biggest compliment…”

  1. I write down what you say…I assume I’ll be called to testify in court and will benefit from the notes

  2. Adam, you are the funniest jerk I know.

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