Details… Details…

My doctor’s office called today to schedule my Mohs Surgery.  I’ll be going in Wednesday morning at 7:45am to have all of the cancerous material removed from my nose one layer at a time.  (Which kind of freaks me out!)  I know that what is going on is really a simple procedure and there is around a 98% success rate with it, so I have no worries about what is going to happen, but there are a few things that are on my mind in regards to this.

The first thing that bugs me is knowing that there is something living in my body that could kill me and it will be there in some form for the rest of my life.  I can now have another “spot” show up after any sunburn or at almost any time.  I always joke about my looks because I know that I was made to look this way so that other people could feel better about themselves, so I’m not really worried about my looks.  That being said, I do worry about my health.

This whole thing is making me realize that I’m not really a kid or a teen any more.  (I still feel young though!)  Since I was very young, I haven’t had to have a single procedure done that wasn’t a self-induced accident.  It’s a hard reality that I will have to be very intentional about everything on and in my body from now on.

I am not invincible and that scares me!

Edit: In the photo above there’s a spot just under my eye that I’m worried about now… *whispers to self – “I must stop flipping out.”*

Edit again: Now I see the spot in the corner of my eye too and I’m worried about it… *Someone seriously needs to punch me or something.*


~ by jtcrespo on October 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Details… Details…”

  1. becky and i have prayed for you this week, and hope you won’t have to go through any more of these procedures again…

  2. ouch! thanks for the follow!

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