Singing Things…

Things is changing my life!

Things is a Getting Things Done type program that is currently blowing me away.  It is incredibly simple to use and it syncs really easily with the iPhone. I used to use OmniFocus and sometimes ended up more confused than when I started.  It simply wasn’t intuitive for me.  Now using Things, I’ve seen my life go from a hard to manage wreck to a well oiled machine in only one week.  Every morning, I turn my computer or phone on and I sit down and dump out my entire brain into the Things Inbox.  (I tend to do this all day as well…) After I have cleared my mind, I simply prioritize my notes by Today, Next, Scheduled(assign date), or I place it in a project.  It makes it extremely easy to organize everything in my life.  Sorry OmniFocus, but it’s not that it does the same thing you do, it’s that it does it easier.  I simply didn’t need all of the extras.

I also use Things to store my meeting notes.  I place the meeting under a project tab and I start talking points as New To Do’s.  Then I place notes under them.  This process used to turn into a piece of paper or a word document that looked like a giant mess.  Now I just print off that project and all of my thoughts are right there as one beautiful outline.  When I found this trick, I almost cried…

How sexy is this list of talking points? (Even if they are some of the most boring things in the world to talk about.)

Another good point is that Things is currently free because it is still in testing and development.  This means it will have a price later, but it will also have some more extras like emailing and such as well so it all evens out in my opinion.  Even so, It will still be roughly half of the price of OmniFocus.

Please try it! You can get it here:


~ by jtcrespo on October 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Singing Things…”

  1. Incredible find here! I am a huge fan of the Get Things Done mentality. Also the fact that this is usable at the free price is a tremendous blessing. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thanks for this…been looking for something to organize my thoughts. Downloading the preview…

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