Why I’m excited…


(My parent’s house in Saratoga, Wyoming)

Several people have noticed that the Christmas Spirit has struck me really early this year and here’s why.

My family is spread out all over the country.  This makes holidays stressful because none of us can really get together the way most families do.  Anyone who thinks it’s annoying to be around their family the whole time should really try going without their family during the holidays for over 10 years.  We talk over the phone and all, but it’s never the same as having everyone around the Christmas tree opening presents together and just being a family.  I speak from experience that waking up on Christmas morning and opening up Christmas presents with just your dogs gets old real quick.

Not this year…

My sister and I decided that we’ve had enough and we want to spend time together as a family. On November 22nd, I will be meeting her and the kids in Denver and we’re renting a car and driving to my parents house in Saratoga, Wyoming.  I’m secretly hoping for lots of snow and difficult driving just so that I can experience it all with them again.  My sister and I have actually become quite an amazing team. (Much to my mom’s amusement.)  We’re going to spend Thanksgiving in a secluded cabin in the mountains surrounded by family, friends, and some of the most incredible natural scenery I’ve ever seen. Then we’re going to celebrate Christmas the next day back at my parent’s house.  As you can imagine, we’re all super excited.  So if you notice a little extra spring in my step over the next few weeks and you hear me singing Christmas songs a lot, now you know why…


~ by jtcrespo on November 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “Why I’m excited…”

  1. wow– your mom’s house is straight out of a postcard! I love it! So excited for you and your fam!

  2. Yeah!! i totally understand the feeling… it hasn’t been 10 years but being seperated from my family can be so hard and it’s always great when I get to see them!! Enjoy the jump in your step 🙂

  3. you’ve been tagged 🙂 Check out my blog for the instructions!

  4. Hi Jerry! What fun to see this on my computer! Your blog is amazing and it is a wonderful photo of you Mom and Dan’s house. I am very excited to have all of you at the cabin. It seems we have been planning food and stuff for months! So…drive safely…even though you want snow, I am praying for no snow…and we will see you sooner than later! Love, Patty

  5. This is so sweet and touching. I especially like it because the Chamber of Commerce called and told me they got an alert that there was something new on the internet about Saratoga and there was a picture of our home. We can’t wait to see you guys and give all of you great big hugs. You may not get your bad weather as we are having unseasonably warm temps and not much snow right now. I can’t remember when I have been so excited . . . what a wonderful holiday this is going to be.

  6. One more thing . . . the photos of your nose need to go. I love the nose but the details of the surgery are not pretty.

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