And the winner was…

Providing you aren’t in the middle of your own personal Groundhog Day experience, you should have woken up this morning and realized that today is the day after Valentine’s Day. This means that we had a winner for the Win A Date With Jerry! contest and “the date” has happened…

Or did it?

Yeah, suspense on a blog just doesn’t work so well. The closest I could come was to hold out and not say anything until today. So here goes!

First I need to explain something: This contest was all for fun. That’s one reason why I was pleasantly surprised when people actually did enter it. My joke on me got real, and real fast… I am also not usually the type that would do a blog post regarding “a date”, but people have been asking and my mom is kind of expecting it.

Now onto details before my mom kills me!

Yes I did indeed have “a date” with one lucky lady. Truth be known, I was the lucky one. My friend from work Kristie Poll had entered and she made every effort to let me and the Selection Committee know that she intended to win. I think that a fear of what she would do if she lost may have had some bearing on the committee’s decision.  I keed!

This is Kristie on a trip she took a while back:


So what did we do?

You should know that I am not a “show and go” kind of guy. I enjoy sitting down and getting to know the person I am with rather than just going to a movie or show and leaving. Because of this, I called Kristie and arranged for us to meet before “the date” to hang out so that we would be more comfortable on “the date”.  After this call, I tried to pull together something cool for us to do but my mind completely shut down. (Give me a break! It’s been a while since I’ve had to plan something like this!) I went to bed on Friday night having absolutely no clue how I was going to pull off a fun ice-breaker activity while knowing that it was going to be raining.

Saturday morning comes and I wake up sometime between 6 or 7am and an idea came to me! But first I had to go back to sleep for a few hours…

Finally I got moving again and I stop by an art supply store and pick up this baby:


That is a kit that contains everything you need for oil/acrylic/chalk/sketching/watercolor paintings. The box also serves as an easel. It’s incredibly awesome and I’m probably going to get myself one soon because this one now belongs to Kristie.

So I get to Kristie’s condo and go through the process of getting up to her floor. This involves signing in and being escorted to the elevator by a concierge. I was surprised when I didn’t even have to knock before she opened the door for me and I gave her a pink rose. (I learned earlier that she loves pink…)  For the rest of the afternoon, we hung out at her place and we painted while we watched part of Down With Love and Top Gun and chatted about stuff. I had a great time!

This is the masterpiece that Kristie painted:


We have agreed not to discuss what I painted. We even tried to make it better by painting a giant heart on it, but even that couldn’t save it.

Then Jared and Meredith came and picked us up and we went to Medieval Times for dinner and JOUSTING!!!! Oh Yeah!!



If you are not familiar with Medieval Times, it is a dinner theater in which you eat dinner with your hands while actors re-enact a story of a princess and her prince, a tournament, and an evil knight trying to take over a kingdom. Pretty basic storyline, but really well done! I walked away from this experience absolutely amazed! I highly recommend it to anyone. We thought it was going to be a joke and we would just be people watching all night, but we actually got into it and had an incredible time!

After Medieval Times, we drove Kristie home, I walked her to her door, cried over my horrible painting, gave her a hug, and then I drove home and dreamed of castles and battles in far away kingdoms.

All in all, I would say that I had a wonderful time and Kristie is an extreme amount of fun to be around.

Both parties involved in this post are currently negotiating further (appropriate) activities and will disclose any pending arrangements in due course. We appreciate your interest, but we are not at liberty to discuss anything at the time of this publication due to the fact that we have no idea…


~ by jtcrespo on February 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “And the winner was…”

  1. It sounds as if your Valentine celebration was one of merriment with a dash of Merlin . . . . . what a knight!

  2. Thanks for the update! I love the painting idea…that’s sounds like fun and is very unique.

  3. Thanks for posting Jerry… I had a lot of fun on our ‘date’ and I am so glad to have a friend like you in my life! I’m totally stealing this for my blog too 😉

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