Bark in the Park…

The other night I was sitting at a Gwinnett Braves game eating a giant hot dog covered in condiments and I thought to myself….

“Do you know what would make this moment perfect and really warm my heart?”  (besides antacids?)

“We should be able to bring our dogs out to enjoy this with us!”


Well low and behold, I found out that the promotions crew at the Gwinnett Braves have decided to risk it all and let us bring our dogs to the park for a day. Isn’t that awesome! You better believe I plan to be there and I’m asking (actually begging with little puppy dog eyes) for you all to come out and join us too! If you don’t own a dog, that’s fine too. (I’ll have one extra someone can borrow for the evening.) Just come out and support our four-legged friends and the Gwinnet Braves. The new stadium is seriously cool by the way.


Are you interested? If not, please have someone hold a mirror under your nose because I’m pretty sure you aren’t breathing… This is the ultimate doggie play date people! There are going to be contests happening and everything. Not to mention the fact that we all get to sit together all picnic style and watch a great baseball game and catch homers!

So here are the details: Bark in the Park – June 11th, 2009 7pm at the new Gwinnett stadium. Let me know if you are coming in the comment section below. We’ll be sitting in the berm area because we will have pets, I think it’s a fair trade…

seating chart

Oh, by the way… Have I mentioned that I’ll buy the tickets for the first 5 people who comment below and say they are coming?

If you need more information or would like to buy tickets on your own, you can click on the following link and scroll down to June 11th. :


~ by jtcrespo on May 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bark in the Park…”

  1. I’ll come! And I’ll try to convince mike to come too. It usually takes both of us to wrangle our 80-pound golden.

  2. I want to come!! Watson would love a play date 🙂

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