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If you follow me on Twitter (@jtcrespo), you’ll know that this weekend I was trying to piece together a way to create and edit stories that I write on-the-go from my iPhone. Few of my best ideas come to me while I am sitting at my computer, so I wanted a completely mobile writing suite. I had two criteria for this project: a) It had to be cheap and b) I had to be able to sync multiple computers with my phone by using three buttons or less.

My original goal for this project was not to exceed $20 for a mobile suite that would allow me to handle all of my text and spreadsheet documents from multiple locations. I knew the desktop part wouldn’t be a problem since I have been using (OO) since it was created a while back. I love OO because I can work on almost any type of text or spreadsheet file with it. is perfectly suited for working across multiple platforms. And it’s free…  This left me with $20 to spend on an iPhone app that would let me work on documents and sync them with the same file stored on other systems. This would prove to be the hard part, but I found that the DocsToGo by DataViz ($9.99 for iPhone) app solved this problem well. This app is also available on a lot of other phones as well, so click on the link to see if your phone is supported.


I also like to make things as simple as possible for myself or I will never follow through. I think this is a common trait in a lot of us. Because of this, I needed any system I used to be able to sync all 3 of my computers with my phone and I needed it to do it easily. Using DocsToGo, everything is saved to one file on my phone and I simply replace the files on my computers when I sync up. I can’t sync all three at the same time, but this works for me for now.

So if you’re looking to play with your documents and spreadsheets while on the go, this is the system that works for me…


~ by jtcrespo on October 27, 2009.

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