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What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

How many times have you heard that recently?

Are you tired of saying “I haven’t made plans yet?

Well have I got a deal for you!

Do you ever dream of the day when your knight in shining armor comes riding up to you on his battle steed? Do you long to sit in your very own castle and dine with other royalty? Do you secretly hope Westley from The Princess Bride will come rescue you? Well all of that can be yours on this Valentine’s Day because I am now accepting applications for my latest contest.


This contest will be a series of dates that will be happening occasionally in upcoming months. I can promise that all dates will be interesting and pretty different from most normal dates. I promise that some will be cheesy and some will actually be pretty amazing. I will have no control in who my dates are, so all inquiries must be emailed to my Selection Committee at  I have been held down and tortured until I gave up my deepest and most sincere desires and an application has been created to indicate what I think is the perfect woman. So I encourage you to please email and someone from The Win A Date With Jerry Selection Committee will get an application right to you.

Act now! Supplies are limited!

“But Jerry! What am I applying for?”

To celebrate our first Win A Date With Jerry Contest, we’re going to be going old school. Medieval in fact!

Are you ready watch knights battle to the death for the hand of a fair maiden. OF COURSE YOU ARE!

Are you ready to see the forces of good and evil try to conquer each other? OF COURSE YOU ARE!

Are you ready to have a bar maid ask you if “Ma’Lord and Lady would like another Pepsi”? I’M BETTING SO!

If all of these things are appealing to you, then you’ll be excited to know that our inaugural event is going to be held at:

By The Way: All dates will be double dates with two of the most amazing people I know. Jared and Meredith Roman! So I would recommend applying just to hang out with them…


Sometimes I amuse myself…

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…so much that I thought this conversation I had with Jared about me buying a pellet gun today  was hilarious.


I think it sums up our friendship pretty well!

Walking a mile in his shoes may be tough…

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Very cool speaker with an incredible story…

Stepping up the game…

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I think all three of you that read my blog have recently asked why I’m not blogging as much as I used to.

It’s simple…

I don’t have time for it.

In order to make a post interesting, you have to offer something to draw people in. I would do this with photos that I dig up off of the web or shots I took myself and uploaded. That’s all well and good, but over time I started feeling like it was burden to find interesting shots and photos and I was also feeling like I was just borrowing other people’s ideas and not really doing my own stuff. Since a blog is supposed to be a creative outlet, I started to think I was not really being creative.

Hopefully that won’t be the case any more because I should be getting this little guy sometime this afternoon.

flip-video-camcorder-1It’s a Flip Mino HD Camera. (click here for more info). Simply put, this little video camera will allow me to capture videos of my ugly mug and upload them directly to YouTube within a few minutes.

Let’s hope this works…

Any ideas on what my first video should be?

I’m back!

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I know, I’m a schmuck for not posting in a while…

Well here’s a really well done (and cute for the girls reading this!) video I saw recently. Very simple and creative. The shots are great and the music fits perfectly. I even think the little boy’s mullet was awesome too.

I’m sorry I’ve been distracted…

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People around me know that my dogs are very important to me.  I will openly admit that I do have a favorite and that it is my Sheltie mix named Eilli’ (pronounced Eye-Lee). She is the sweetest dog ever and has never been sick a day in her life.

Until I left for Wyoming…

This is Eilli’ the day before I left:


This is Eilli’ two days after I got back.


It seems that while I was gone, Eilli’ was getting very sick. I am so proud of her for hanging tough until I got home from my trip. Once I got home though, she let me know something wasn’t right. She had developed an infection on a Polyp that had been inside of her for quite a while. She was literally hours away from death by the time I was able to get her to the veterinarian where they did emergency surgery to remove the growth and all of the infection. She is still recovering from the surgery, but we have been waiting for a biopsy on the growth. The past two weeks have been draining as every time I looked at her, I prayed that she wasn’t dying of cancer.


This is Eilli’ at the vet getting her stitches out. As you can see, she is not very happy about being there again. This is actually the only time I’ve ever seen her with that look on her face.

Today I received an email saying that the growth was not cancerous. This makes me happy enough to continue blogging about my trip later. But right now I’m going to buy her some treats to celebrate!

How was the trip?

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Howdy Folks! It sure has been a while, but I’m glad you’re still here. A lot has happened since my last post and I promise to get to it all. I’ve just been super busy and couldn’t quite make the time to get my thoughts together enough for the blog. I apologize.

I went to Wyoming! It was so much fun. It took forever to build up to the trip and so much has happened since I got back that I honestly almost forgot that I had been. Fortunately the trip seemed to last for a long time and we enjoyed every moment we could. I also have some pictures to share.

Special thanks to Mom, Dan, and Patty for making the whole thing possible.

So here’s the deal. I’m going to take a few days to blog about some of my favorite parts of the trip. I feel that will be much better than just spitting the whole thing out there at once, but we’ll see how it goes. Please keep in mind that many of these photos were taken on my phone, so quality isn’t so good.

Nov. 22nd – Day 1 – Travel day

I got to the airport early and decided that I was going to brainstorm and copy down every idea I had about anything I could think of. One of the goals of this trip was to just sit down and get some time in to just hash out ideas and plans.  By the time I got on the plane, I was still typing a mile a minute and there was no end in sight. Fortunately, I calmed down as soon as we started to move and take off. I waved goodbye to my home city and snoozed for a few minutes.


Once we landed, I didn’t have to wait long for my sister and the kids to meet up with me from DC and we grabbed a rental car and hit the road. The sky really is too big out there to get a perfect picture of. (Especially while driving 80mph)

img_0572 big-sunset

Finally after 4 hours of driving and about 4,000 “Are we there yet” questions, we made it to my parents house. I love the fact that they lit it up for us. It really added a special touch.


No there was no snow yet… But I did get to hang out with my entire family at once for the first time in around 15 years. It was really cool.


More tomorrow…